The “Flow Series” Collection originates right from the heart of our Founder - Sonny wanted complete creative control to design various new colorways and patterns. Each and every single Flow Series Rope is hand-assembled at home by Sonny and her children (who were kind enough to help pick some of the unique colorway names e.g. Nemo & Dalmatian). You can trust that every rope that leaves our doorstep will arrive at yours with an abundance of LOVE! This will be an investment that keeps on giving for a very long time to come.

Here at Unconventional Gainz we verbally advocate for Mental Health Awareness. With your support, we will also now be donating monetarily to the cause as well. Unconventional Gainz will donate 10% of the proceeds of each Flow Series Jump Rope sold, to a Non-Profit Mental Health Organization called Active Minds which is dedicated to supporting mental health awareness and education for students. When you shop Small (business) the impact is BIG! Your purchase of our beaded rope not only supports a tiny family business, but also now directly supports the fight against mental health conditions. These challenges affect 1 in every 4 people. That means your contribution is HUGE! Each rope comes with a custom carry bag as well as a few free and heartfelt mementos that we are excited to share with you.  

Why Choose Our Beaded Jump Rope?:

Our beaded rope uses smaller, more aerodynamic, shatter-proof, TPU-plastic beads. Our beads are soft and pliable which lends itself to its top notch durability. The shape, size, and weight of our beads allow the rope to move both quickly and fluidly through the air, providing far less drag than your traditional beaded jump rope.  Beautifully bright and vibrant color patterns make our Flow Series line aesthetically pleasing both on and off camera. We firmly believe that our Flow Series Beaded jump rope is the very BEST on the market.

Who Should Use a Beaded Jump Rope & Why?:

This is a great question and our response to who should use a beaded jump rope is….. EVERYONE! Beaded jump ropes are ideal for beginners and advanced level jumpers alike and for the same exact reasons. Below we’ve highlighted the benefits and features or our beaded ropes

1.)    Beaded jump ropes hold their shape making it much easier to learn and execute a wide variety of skills (to include the infamous Mic Release)

2.)    The Unconventional Gainz Flow Series is the most dependable beaded jump rope on the market. While beaded ropes in general tend to be pretty durable, traditional beads often shatter and crack when slammed on certain surfaces. Because our beaded jump ropes are made of TPU flexible plastic, you are almost guaranteed to NEVER have one of our beads shatter or crack during use making this a more than worthy investment.

3.)    Our Beaded jump ropes are weather resistant. They remain dependable and handle the exact same way in cold, warm, and hot weather conditions.

4.)    The additional weight from the beads provides excellent muscular feedback making it ideal for any style or form of training.

5.)    Our Beaded jump ropes are tangle-free (we all know how frustrating a tangled jump rope can be).

6.)    Each rope is 10ft in length so it can be used by individuals of all different heights. Perfect for all age ranges from children to adults. Fully Adjustable.

7.) Comes with 8” matte finished, unbreakable, injection-molded plastic long handles. Handles are outfitted with neoprene foam grips for added comfort and sweat protection.